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Mangrove Wilderness

Mangrove Cruise along Sarawak & Santubong River

Cruise into along the river to experience the sights, sound and the wildderness of Santubong Peninsula, some 30-minute drive away from the city.

The cruise in a comfortable boat provides a perfect introduction to the Sarawak mangrove ecosystem. Here, you may see Sky-blue fiddler crabs and mudskippers foraging for food amongst the network of silt roots that bind the mangrove to the mud floor. Kingfisher and white-bellied sea eagles are often seen hunting along and above the river. Crocodiles can often be seen on a hot sunny day during low tide doing it's "sunbathing" .

On some lucky days , proboscis monkeys can be seen from the boat as we travel along the Santubong River as we enter the small tributaries. Charcoal factory visit is possible on certain day when the water tide is high enough for our boat to get thru the swell river before the swallow and narrow small tributaries. The factory is small scale family owned and carry down from their last generations .


Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery


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