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Fairy Cave & Wind Cave

There are two caves located nearby Bau, (once a famous gold prospecting town) which is about 45 minutes drive away from Kuching.

The Fairy Cave is located in the Bukit Kapor area. It was formed some 100-150 million years ago. There are stalactite and stalagmite formations on the floor of the caves that resemble figures and animals.

A number of shrines and altars were erected in the cave where local Taoist Chinese make offerings to the peculiar formations. This is perhaps how the name Fairy Caves arised.

A few kilometers away, the Wind Cave is approached via a short and relaxing walk through light bush. The cave can be transversed without too much difficulty and ends overlooking a scheduled river scene that will most definitely take your breath away. Most of the times, it is very windy up here as well.

* Please remember to bring along your torch and wear proper attire.
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Photo Gallery


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