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Bako National Park

Full Day
Sarawak's oldest national park is located about 37km from Kuching. Bako demonstrates various ecosystems (including coastal, estuarine, freshwater stream, rainforest and mangrove) that can be found throughout Sarawak. Bako's most significant features include secluded coves and rugged rocky headlands with magnificent steep cliffs carved by weathering and erosion over millions of years.

The Proboscis Monkey, unique to the Borneo riverine forests is found in significant numbers and is distinguished by its enormous cucumber-liked nose. Other inhabitants of the park include the long-tailed macaques, bearded pigs, leopard cats and giant lizards.

Bako is commonly visited due to its accessibility with about 40 minutes drive from the city and 20 minutes ride on a "open roofed " boat. You can either complete Bako in a day trip or spend a night out here. Overnight trip is recommended especially for those who love nature and wildlife. Accommodation in the park must be book in advance. This park is not recommended for traveling during the monsoon season esp. December and January due to the rough sea condition.



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