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Optional Tour
Ana Rais Bidayuh ( Land Dayak ) Longhouse

Half Day
Located in the hill slopes region of Padawan district, this Bidayuh community is accessible by road and it is one of the nearest Longhouse from the city. Journey to this longhouse is about 50 minutes by road . The scenic country drive will give you the chance to see the local Bidayuh farmers grow rice on the hillslope and they practised " shifting cultivation " to grow crops. Take in the beautiful scenery and the clear streams running through this longhouse. Main occupation of the dewellers here are farmers and the chief of the longhouse is called the "Tuai Rumah". Within walking distance from the longhouse, you will be able to see their farms.

Main crops planted are rice, pepper and cocoa. This is the tour for those who do not have enough time to spare.



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